We at Divine Lifestyle believe that every woman is extraordinary in her own unique way and our main goal is to unveil your inner goddess and help you make a connection with your soul. What started as a journey of one woman to discover her own true self has now blossomed into a one of a kind platform where women from around the globe can unite emotionally and spiritually, share their ideas, learn from experiences and start on a journey towards self growth and wellness.

Lit by heartfelt experiences and touching stories by inspirational and strong women just like you, Divine Lifestyle is an online publication that centers on your daily dose of motivation for career and business, health and wellness, love and friendship and self growth and spirituality. Our aim is to provide you the support and inspiration needed to lead a more meaningful and empowered life and ace through the test called life in every area that means something to you.


In the competitive, driven lifestyle of today, few women find the time to nurture themselves emotionally and mentally and find the vision to pave the life of their dreams. Divine Lifestyle Magazine is a campaign of sorts to reach out to a multitude of women from diverse walks of life and is designed to unveil their inner passion and sublime power through the right balance of personal development and deeper wisdom. Electronically distributed to scores of women around the globe, the colorful and interactive digital copy is up for grabs with a free subscription and comes with a string of amazing gifts and surprises courtesy our esteemed partners.


The Divine Lifestyle magazine is the brain child of Suni Taylor – an entrepreneur and lifestyle coach committed to changing lives and creating success stories for more than two decades. Fueled by the passion to connect, collaborate and innovate with career oriented and strong willed women worldwide, Suni works with a goal to gather and inspire women and bring their ideas together through online content, story sessions, telecourses, individual and group coaching retreats and training  conferences. With Divine Lifestyle, she aspires to fuse energy dynamics and solid business skills for spiritual harmony and personal growth.


Strong women empower each other and the same initiative is manifested in our SWAG (Sealed with a Gift) bag campaign. With SWAG you can join our cause and contribute anything – an eBook with inspirational quotes you love or a CD offering help and guidance to our women readers. The best way to feed your soul and find the happiness and true joy that you are searching for is by sharing knowledge, care and love and that’s what we aim for with divine motive to inspire women around the globe!