How to Choose a Home-Based Business That Manifests Your Life Purpose

purpose“You are here to find your true place in life, and to give of your talents to the world. You are here to expand & unfold in a wonderful way, according to your God-given potential, and to bring forth spiritual, mental & material riches that will bless humanity in many ways. Learn how to surround yourself always with beauty and luxury… You are not here to earn a mere living. Life is a gift to you”–Joseph Murphy, Your Infinite Power to be Rich

Do you have a sense of what you are meant to do or who you are meant to be?

Is your life a full expression of your life purpose or life mission? Discovering your life purpose gives meaning even to everyday experiences, and can make the task of choosing or building a business much easier and more fulfilling.

If you do not yet know your life purpose, you can at least identify some of your values and use them to support your choice of home-based business or your emphasis as you build it.

For example, my life mission is to help people heal. My career as a holistic healing practitioner is built around that, but my choice of home-based business is based on it, too.

There are likely to be a lot of businesses that could provide a way to fulfil your life purpose.

For example, if your purpose was to help people heal, you could join an aromatherapy business. Or, you could choose a nutrition business. You could even join a beauty business and give women makeovers to help them see themselves in a new way and feel better about themselves.

Whether you have already chosen a business or not, any information you have about what fulfils you, what you are passionate about or what you find meaningful, will add wings to your business-building efforts.

Here are some possible values you may want to nurture or consider as you choose and then, build your home-based business…

1) Building self-esteem in women by helping them feel and look beautiful

2) Empowering people to get out of debt and create wealth

3) Providing an additional source of income so that women can work less and spend more time with their families without sacrificing their family’s financial stability

4) Helping moms create a safe home for their kids by replacing toxic household products with environmentally friendly ones that won’t hurt them or the kids

5) Providing nutritional support for people who are struggling with health challenges that have not been resolved by traditional approaches

6) Providing emotional support with aromatherapy or herbal supplements

7) Helping moms tell their families stories creatively and safely so that they are preserved and cherished for generations to come.

Take some time to identify the values you want to express and nurture as you build your business, so that your experiences are meaningful and fulfilling.

Do you value natural living? Products that help people heal?

If so, you are probably the one in your family or group of friends that everyone comes to for advice. If you often find yourself recommending remedies or solutions, and you love the idea of helping people heal, then you may be meant to be a healer.

Jeanine-Byers_490482By Jeanine Byers 

Jeanine Byers Hoag is a midlife renaissance coach, certified holistic healing practitioner, life purpose analyst and the author of The Life That’s Waiting for You: Four Simple Steps to Identifying & Living Your Life Purpose, which offers a simple system for identifying your life purpose and crafting a life that fulfills it. To read more about it, go to

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