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General Agreements & Policies

Divine Lifestyles does not offer any reimbursement for editorial content. A successful submission of articles and confirmation receipt by no means guarantee their appearance in our online magazine, however, in case of selection, writers are notified of the publication of their articles.

While we try our best to entertain the maximum number of quality articles for our online magazine, and respond to all submission queries in due course, the volume of content and deadlines does not always make it possible to do the same. Articles not chosen for a particular issue of the magazine may be kept on record for future consideration.

All submissions should be completely genuine, with appropriate referencing, statistical and factual accuracies. Divine Lifestyles follows a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarized and fabricated content. Each piece is fact checked before selection to maintain the authenticity and quality of the magazine.

Content, Tone and Style

Divine Lifestyle appreciates well-researched and authentic articles for its content-rich online magazine. We highly recommend all writers to visit our website to get acquainted with our style, tone and target audience.

Divine Lifestyles Magazine aims to cater to women of all ages and backgrounds by offering them personal and life enhancing support through inspiring content. Impactful life stories, inspirational experiences and reflections on personal journeys of self-discovery are always welcome. We expect the articles to follow a soft and comforting tone, yet being motivational and powerful.

Our vision is to unify women by sharing their individual struggles, personal development, achievements and setbacks, and healing experiences to establish a bond of trust and encouragement.

Any promotional materials, sales pitches and infomercials will NOT be entertained for editorial content.

Editing and Publication

For the purpose of clarity, word count and grammatical accuracy, please note that editors reserve unrestricted editing rights. The titles, sub-headings, captions, table of contents and other parts of an article may be edited as deemed necessary by the editorial staff to conform to our editorial standards.

Divine Lifestyles reserves all rights to the selection of articles for publication in its online magazine. Please do not send articles that have been submitted and run in other publications and make sure to keep a copy of your submissions as we will not be responsible for any lost materials.


The minimum word count for articles submitted for consideration should ideally range from 500 to 800 words. However, adhering to our quality standards, the article length is not deemed as important as the quality of writing and its topic. Divine Lifestyle Magazine will be willing to entertain articles that vary from the desired length, provided they are high-quality and authentic pieces. For more information on submission please fill out and submit the query form below


Divine Lifestyle’s perspective departments and topics aim to reach out to women from all walks of life in order to reveal their true identity, inner passion and individual powers. Ours is a journey of inspiration, illumination and empowerment, which makes us strive to bring you the best resources, motivational content and wisdom to support you through your journey of self-discovery.

Living Your Purpose

To unveil your inner goddess and make a deeper connection with your soul, you need to follow your dreams. By encompassing different life experiences and ideas from a multitude of women, this department is devoted to strengthen your self-confidence, realize your sublime powers, and inspiring you to trust your inner wisdom to make your journey more meaningful.

Moving Forward

Life does not stop, and so never should your journey of self-discovery falter! Dedicated to infuse a daily dose of motivation into women for continuous progress, and supporting them to find their way to their authentic self. The topics will shed light on personal development, gratitude, inner strengths, and many more inspiring aspects of a woman’s life.

Prosperity & Abundance

Be it wealth, intimate relationships or friendships, or strong family ties; whatever defines your idea of prosperity and abundance, you will find these articles spiritually liberating and gratifying to guide you through the path of abundant prosperity.

Health & Wellness

A healthy life is a happy life, and to blossom through this beautiful journey of vibrancy and joy, we need to take care of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The articles in this department will focus on nourishing your body, mind and soul to make your existence more fulfilling.

Career & Business

Whether you are an ambitious entrepreneur, a conscious executive or following your dreams by running a small-scale business from home, the articles and resources in this section will help you thrive in your professional roles and lead a well-balanced work and family life.

Submitting Your Editorial Content

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