SWAG – Sealed With A Gift

What’s SWAG?

When you hear the term ‘SWAG’ the first thing which pops up in your head is a popular trend, but, with Divine, SWAG has a whole new meaning. Our definition for SWAG is ‘Women Empowerment,’ the readers of Divine are always looking for a read which can enlighten them and at the same time help in improving their lives. This is why we created SWAG, the Sealed With a Gift cause.

How Can I help?

The SWAG bag will consist of gifts which you will be generously donating to other women worldwide who can use empowerment to change the entire structure of their worlds. This bag can contain any form of guidance, such as a downloadable eBook, digital story, CDs, inspirational quotes, or anything which you would like to donate that is possibly downloadable. We believe that each and everyone of you is unique and special. We all are in one way or another, empowered with each other, now it is our turn to do something to help.

Perks for Partners

Our commitment towards our partners is extraordinary; you will not find such perks elsewhere. Upon reaching an agreement, we will feature you in two of our high profile pages. One of the pages which you will be included is the page ‘Meet the Team,’ as well as the ‘Claim Your Gift Page.’

You can participate as a partner and join our mission to support women around the world. More information is here.

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