The Importance Of Finding Your Purpose in Life

18343753_mIf you think about it, we all spend our entire lifetime just trying to figure out the purpose of our lives and afterwards just trying to walk the path that leads us there. And at some level, that is the ultimate objective of our lives, to find the purpose of our life and to obtain it. Finding your purpose in life doesn’t have to be a difficult journey.


An ancient belief states that a new born child is perfect in every manner of life and we spent our entire lives to return to that level of perfection. At the time of birth, a child is pure, there is no fear, and is innocent and has limitless abilities for anything and is bounded only to the creator of the world. A young child loves the wonders of life and lives life to its fullest. At that age you were truly like a light, you had nothing to bind you and had unlimited potential to achieve anything.

Most of us loose this natural ability of ours with the increasing age and loose the greatest gift that we were born with and that is the state in which we were slave to no one and could follow any path for our life based on our own choice and reach to the destination that we have decided for ourselves. We lose our natural innocence and become someone who is full of selfishness, greed and fear. This behavior never represents the natural human characteristics but is a result of what we become after we leave the natural innocence behind us and spend our days in the world carelessly and because of our own wounds that we receive in this experience of our lives. Only those who have seen pain and have suffered from it can cause others pain. Only people who have no feelings left in their hearts can make others cry with pain.

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